Portfolio Review Project


Architects Helping Students Make Their Portfolios Better

Students Need:

    • Professional feedback on their work product at every stage of their school careers.
    • To be connected to the world of  working Architects & Designers
    • The chance to build lifelong mentor / mentee relationships 
    • To begin building their professional networks while still in school

Architects & Designers want:

  • To support the next generation of Architects and Designers
  • To give back in a way that fits with their busy work / life schedules
  • To identify top talent still in schools and nurture this talent to help grow our industry.

How It Works:

  1. Students upload their Portfolios or other design work that they want professional feedback on.
  2. Our Architects and Designers review student work and provide one-on-one private feedback.
  3. A Program Concierge is assigned to each cohort to ensure every student is matched with a number of Architects, that communication between students and reviewers is helpful and valuable for both parties.

Typically this is an iterative process (similar to any Architectural project) where Architects suggest changes, Students make the changes and re-submit their updated work until both agree that it meets the desired professional standard.

This collaborative effort is intended to be just the first of many such interactions where students feel supported by members of the industry they are about to join.

Whats Next?

Students find your school community and register on their Arch-Community site.

Architects & Designers find a school or community program you want to support and register yourself to help.

Not finding your school? Lets us know and we’ll get them onboard right away! Or just sent them this link and have them sign up.